To Free Or Not To Free, That Is The Question

The first crucial step toward freedom is to decide that you are ready to be free. It’s like going out to dinner at a restaurant. There are always a lot of delectable items on the menu—appetizers, salads, entreés, specials, drinks, and desserts. A lot of items may be appetizing to you, but when the waiter arrives to take your order you have to choose. In life, you also have to choose, albeit from a much simpler menu. You can live imprisoned or you can live FREE. You must make a conscious choice about how you want your life to BE.

If you make the choice to live free, declare it officially and publicly. Declare to yourself and others that you want liberation by signing your own Emancipation Proclamation. The proclamation is your ”declaration of courage” that you’re ready to break free from bondage. There’s something about signing a statement that solidifies your decision. It puts a stake in the ground. Your signature is your affirmation that you’re ready and willing to begin your freedom quest—to stay the course no matter how long it takes, no matters how many challenges and obstacles you may face. Freedom isn’t something that you should approach lightly, like trying out a new fad diet or fledging hobby. Make sure you’re really ready. Otherwise, you’ll be eager to get started, but once the excitement wears off your commitment will fade. Then you’ll resort back to living your life enslaved. That’s because you only wanted freedom superficially. If you really want to live free, you must be willing to make it a lifelong journey.

The last step is to determine how you want to live free. We’re all born with free will so you will have to decide what freedom looks like for you. For me, freedom means totally following my spirit. I did that when I was working at HP and then one day decided to quit. For me, freedom means being willing to follow my spirit wherever it leads me. That means that I’ve had to let go of certainty, conventional ways of thinking, and needing to know how things will turn out. I want the freedom to fail and to be vulnerable. Each day I let go, give up control, and trust that I’m on a magical journey that will unfold perfectly.

Some people want to live free in specific areas of their life. I have freedom in all areas, yet that level of freedom came at a hefty price. My vision of freedom works for me, but for others it might seem like a bit extreme. Determine who you want to BE. Just remember, one choice isn’t better than the other.

Decide if you’re ready for freedom, declare it openly, and determine exactly how you want your life to BE. Then you’ll be well on your way to living free.

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