7 BEhaviors for Living Free

In 2013, I wrote about living free in the Huffington Post.  I had just turned 50 and I wanted to capture the lessons learned from my freedom journey as I reached a major milestone.  Recently, I realized it’s time for an updated article because I’m in a different place.  In 2013, I was still seeking freedom.  Now it’s 2017 and I’ve won the race.  I finally KNOW what it takes to live free.  It was a very long road to freedom, but I’m deeply grateful that I stayed determined and resolute.  Because living free is the only way to BE.

I also know that I’m not the only one who yearns for freedom.  I come across people every day who are trying to break free.  One of my clients wants to let go of an unfulfilling relationship.  Another one is trying to change her career, but she’s bound by FEAR.  What brought YOU here?  If you’re reading this article, I bet you’re feeling enslaved in some way.  Don’t worry.  Anyone can learn how to live free, but there’s a price you must pay.  It isn’t money.  The price of liberation is discipline and devotion.

To live free, you must focus on 7 BEhaviors every day – no matter where you are, what you’re doing, or who you’re with.  Under all situations and circumstances, you must be oBEdient.  If you are consistent, these 7 BEhaviors will liberate your mind, body, and spirit.

BE truthful

Break free from masking and pretending.  If you don’t honor your truth, you’re enslaving yourself — your ideas, values, and aspirations.  You’re imprisoning the things that really matter to you. It’s impossible to feel free if you aren’t living authentically.

BE courageous

Break free from your fears.  Give up your comfort zone and walk bravely into the unknown.  If you want to fulfill your dreams, you must embrace change, risk, and uncertainty.  These experiences are part of the deal when you’re chasing destiny.

BE loving

Break free from negativity.  People and circumstances come into your life to teach you.  When they trigger a negative reaction, it simply means there’s a lesson to be learned.  When you’re unkind, judgmental, or unforgiving, you hinder your ability to discern.

BE detached

Break free from clinging.  We cling to our possessions.  We cling to our ideas and perceptions.  We cling to the past.  We cling to relationships hoping they will last.  Detachment means letting go of what was to make room for what could BE.  When you cling to nothing, you’re always ready to receive whatever life brings.

BE faithful

Break free from infidelity.  Pick your path and stick to it with unwavering commitment.  During your freedom journey, other choices and opportunities will be enticing.  Stay devoted to your highest calling.  You won’t achieve liberation if you’re a slave to temptation.

BE still

Break free from busyness.  Stillness is being able to quiet your mind, body, and spirit in any environment — at work, home, or play.  Don’t be enslaved by constant activity.  If you take time each day to step away, you’ll find greater balance and equanimity.

BE happy

Break free from expectations.  Be ok with whatever shows up each day.  Every moment has meaning and significance.  The key to happiness is embracing each life experience with total acceptance.

There are many paths to freedom but I know from direct experience that these 7 BEhaviors will help you break free from anything—an unfulfilling job, a bad habit, or negative feelings.  If you master these 7 BEhaviors, you’ll be bound by nothing.

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