The Freedom Journey

Lessons learned from my journey to freedom. — Love, Stephanie

How It Feels To BE Free

One of my favorite songs is “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To BE Free” sung by Nina Simone. I KNOW how it feels. Let me show you…
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What Harriet Tubman Taught Me

Harriet Tubman is my inspiration. She freed herself and then went back to the South to liberate her family, friends, and others. Before departing the South, she told every runaway slave that they must agree to keep going, no matter how difficult the circumstances, until they reached freedom.
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BEgin Your Freedom Journey

Have you ever said to yourself, I’ll BEgin an activity, a project, a new initiative WHEN…? We say, “I’ll BEgin when” because we don’t think things are ready yet:
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Three Phases of Freedom

There are three phases of the Freedom Journey --Surrender, Storm, and Silence
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The Symbol of Freedom

The lotus flower is the symbol of freedom. The lotus flower begins its journey as a seed in muddy, murky water, but it’s not affected by its surroundings.
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BEing vs. Doing

There's a difference between doing and BEing. Doing is an activity with a beginning and ending like doing the dishes, doing a presentation, or doing lunch. BEing is an activity that is never-ending like BEing a parent.
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Body Talk

Your body is a tremendous asset because it will always alert you if you’re not staying true. Your body is your built-in GPS, providing continuous, real-time guidance. At any point in time, your body will let you know if you’re on the right track or if you’re going down the wrong path.
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Four Stages of BEhavioral Change

4 Stages of BEhavioral Change — It Ain’t Easy

Behavioral change is VERY hard. It’s hard because it takes immense desire, discipline and determination. You’ve got to really want to change. You’ve got to work diligently at it. You have to keep trying when the zest for change has lost its zeal. The struggle is real.
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Living Free

7 BEhaviors for Living Free

To live free, you must focus on 7 BEhaviors every day – no matter where you are, what you’re doing, or who you’re with. Under all situations and circumstances, you must be oBEdient. If you are consistent, these 7 BEhaviors will liberate your mind, body, and spirit.
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To Free Or Not To Free, That Is The Question

The first crucial step toward freedom is to decide that you are ready to be free. It’s like going out to dinner at a restaurant. There are always a lot of delectable items on the menu—appetizers, salads, entreés, specials, drinks, and desserts. A lot of items may be appetizing to you, but when the waiter arrives to take your order you have to choose.
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