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Stephanie coaches her clients on how to live FREE—professionally and personally. Stephanie is the visionary creator of 7 BEhaviors®, a breakthrough daily practice that teaches you how to live free at work and in life. The 7 BEhaviors help you feel more free to be yourself, break free from problems and fears, and freely pursue your true desires and dreams.

Stephanie is an inspiring and results-focused professional coach. Her coaching insights have been featured in major publications such as BusinessWeek, Essence, Black Enterprise, Harvard Business Online, Diversity, Inc., and Huffington Post. Stephanie is the author of Deliver the Package: Simple truths to help you set your genius free. The book shares simple yet significant truths to help employees set their genius free–at work and in life.

Stephanie’s varied clients include corporate executives at companies such as Xerox, Pepsi, HP, IBM, American Express, Deutsche Bank, Disney, Time Warner, Razorfish, Mozilla, Intel, Cisco, and the American Heart Association. Prior to becoming a coach, Stephanie held senior management positions at IBM and HP in sales, business development, and marketing.

Stephanie resides in San Diego, CA with her husband, Donald and her son, Eric.

I was born free


I work freely


I play freely


I live free


My Freedom Journey


When this picture was taken, I was still working as a Marketing Manager at HP. I had just returned home from a business trip. After three long days of planning meetings, Powerpoint presentations, and playing politics, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. By the time my flight landed back in San Diego at the end of the week, an unexpected wave of sadness consumed me. My emotions felt like a tsunami. While driving home from the airport, I couldn’t stop crying. Bottomless buckets of tears just kept flowing. At first, I didn’t understand what was happening. But by the time I was half-way home, I realized why my life was imploding.

I felt trapped in a job that was all-consuming and unfulfilling. I had achieved success yet at the expense of fulfillment and happiness. I was bound by what others wanted from me and lost my own identity. I was bound by fear—afraid of the impact that change would have on my career, terrified of walking away from what was known and comfortable even though it made me feel miserable. I was bound by power, position, and perks—trapped by limiting beliefs that my worth was tied to my work. I had spent so many years climbing a carefully crafted corporate ladder. But along the way, I had forgotten about what really mattered. I had fooled myself for so many years. That was the reason for my flood of tears.


When I arrived home I pulled into the garage, but I waited until my tears had dried before I went inside. Then I walked into the family room to greet my husband and son with a forced smile on my face, but unknowingly my soul had left a trace. They just silently stared at me. They didn’t have to ask because they saw right through the mask. They immediately sensed in my eyes that my heart was filled with sadness and gloom. There really is nothing to say when truth enters the room. In that moment, I realized that I could keep enduring the pain or decide to break the chains. When you’re at a fork in the road, it can be difficult to choose even when it’s clearly obvious what you should do.

But gratefully, something clicked inside of me when I saw my lies reflected in their eyes. Instantly, I decided that I was done. However long it took, I needed to figure out how to regain my freedom. So I quietly turned around, walked upstairs to my master bathroom, and flipped on the light switch. I stared at myself in the mirror for several minutes until I completely absorbed the truth that was staring back at me. Then I called for my son and told him to grab the camera. I wanted to capture the moment that I finally knew I wished to be free.

Are you ready to BE free and BEgin your Freedom Journey?

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