BE truthful

Honor your truth whenever something disturbs you.

BEing truthful means breaking free from lies, half-truths, and pretense. BE honest and transparent with yourself and others.

Truth or Untruth

I learned an easy and simple way to discover truth while reading my favorite book, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho.
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BE All Of You

Several years ago, I conducted a workshop at The Walt Disney Company and I asked the audience a very powerful question...
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How Do You Want Your Life To BE?

A personal story -- BEing truthful about how I really wanted my life to BE when I worked at HP. That's the first step to living free.
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The Truth Bomb

Here's a truth bomb: Choice is your greatest asset, but it's the package that's often left unopened. Freedom is a choice.
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Why You Must See in Black or White — Instead of Shades of Grey

I learned about the significance of seeing the world in "black or white" while reading my favorite book, The Alchemist.
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What NOT to Do When You’re Ready for Change

I just started coaching a new client who's eager to make a career change. She's a general litigator and her work at a prestigious law firm just isn't fulfilling and rewarding.
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Embrace Who You Are

I created this video in 2013 to declare my TRUTH about who I am. It was fun and liberating to look straight into the camera and speak with honesty and without self-consciousness.
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Discovering Truth

Several years ago, my mother sent me a box filled with memorabilia from my early school days.
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