BE truthful

Honor your truth whenever something disturbs you.
BEing truthful means breaking free from lies, half-truths, and pretense. BE honest and transparent with yourself and others.

How To BE When UR Tired

I FELT REALLY TIRED THIS WEEK – the kind of tired that comes when you’ve “done the work” and all your dreams are turning to reality. You’re in flow AND you’re trying to keep up with the inflow! :))
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Why Honoring Truth Is Hard

Honoring truth is hard because truth is personal, not universal.  Honoring your personal truth means you won’t always follow what’s conventional. 
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3 Reasons For Seeking Freedom

There are 3 reasons why people seek have a pressing problem or need, you want something more – a higher calling, or you want to BE bound by nothing.
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Why Trust Is A Must

During your freedom journey, TRUST is a must. You must trust when it’s time to choose. You must trust when you lose. You must trust when you’ve run out of clues.
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Truth or Untruth

I learned an easy and simple way to discover truth while reading my favorite book, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho.
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BE All Of You

Several years ago, I conducted a workshop at The Walt Disney Company and I asked the audience a very powerful question...
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How Do You Want Your Life To BE?

A personal story -- BEing truthful about how I really wanted my life to BE when I worked at HP. That's the first step to living free.
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The Truth Bomb

Here's a truth bomb: Choice is your greatest asset, but it's the package that's often left unopened. Freedom is a choice.
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Why You Must See in Black or White — Instead of Shades of Grey

I learned about the significance of seeing the world in "black or white" while reading my favorite book, The Alchemist.
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What NOT to Do When You’re Ready for Change

I just started coaching a new client who's eager to make a career change. She's a general litigator and her work at a prestigious law firm just isn't fulfilling and rewarding.
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Embrace Who You Are

I created this video in 2013 to declare my TRUTH about who I am. It was fun and liberating to look straight into the camera and speak with honesty and without self-consciousness.
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Discovering Truth

Several years ago, my mother sent me a box filled with memorabilia from my early school days.
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