BE still

Take time each day to step away.

BEing still means breaking free from stress and busyness. Living free means keeping your mind, body, and spirit at peace in any environment.

The Power Of Stillness

Guess what? I discovered the 7 BEhaviors while BEing still. Yep, my life's work came to me through stillness -- not activity!
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The Two Benefits of BEing Silent

In today’s fast-paced, always on world, there’s rarely time for silence. During the workday, you’re bombarded with conference calls and meetings. When you arrive home, the kids are playing, someone is watching TV, and telemarketers are calling while you’re eating. All day long you’re surrounded by noise and non-stop activity.
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My Stillness Practice

These are a few items from my meditation practice—my meditation cushion, sacred cloth, personally designed healing block, and mala beads.
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