BE faithful

Stay devoted during good and challenging times.
BEing faithful means breaking free from inconsistency and indecisiveness. To live free, stay devoted to your passions and purpose.

How To BE When UR Tired

I FELT REALLY TIRED THIS WEEK – the kind of tired that comes when you’ve “done the work” and all your dreams are turning to reality. You’re in flow AND you’re trying to keep up with the inflow! :))
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Find Your Purpose in 7 Minutes

Everyone wants to find purpose. If you want to get clarity, you gotta get up and search for “IT” every morning. In this video, I share a simple “sticky notes” exercise that I use with my clients.
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Why Trust Is A Must

During your freedom journey, TRUST is a must. You must trust when it’s time to choose. You must trust when you lose. You must trust when you’ve run out of clues.
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To Achieve Your Goals You Must Win This War

We are all artists. Whether it’s creating a painting or developing a new product or service, we’re all trying to create some sort of masterpiece. But unfortunately, there’s a part within you that doesn’t want you to get started, learn your craft, and stay committed.
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Freedom Takes Discipline

There’s a direct correlation between freedom and discipline. The more disciplined you are, the more freedom you’ll have. If you’re not disciplined, you’ll find yourself a slave to chaos, disorganization, randomness, and inconsistency.
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How To Achieve Your Goals When You’re Under Pressure

During your freedom journey, you’re going to face pressure. At times you’ll feel overwhelmed, unprepared, fearful, and stretched beyond what is comfortable for you.
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Keep Your Attention On Your Intention

In a word, what is your highest intention? What is your highest intention for your work, family, health...for today, for your LIFE?
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3 Keys to Living Free: Power, Purpose, and Purity

This video is my “Holy Grail” tip about what I do every day to stay free. Every day you must use your Power, follow your Purpose, and protect your Purity.
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How To Stay Faithful

How to stay faithful so you can realize your life goals.
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