BE detached

Never cling to people, thoughts, or things.

BEing detached means breaking free from clinging. To live free, don’t be attached to anyone or anything.

Human Design – Who You Truly Are

Most people are enslaved by their conditioning and use their energy incorrectly. Human Design teaches you how your energy works in the world.
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Death brings Life

Why Death is the Key to Life

Death creates fear and anxiety because it signals a transition, a loss, a passing. It’s easy to embrace beginnings, yet it can be difficult to face life’s endings.
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Why It’s Difficult To Let Go of Your Attachments

When you're attached to something, it can be difficult or painful to let it go. You won't get rid of your attachments until you learn to push past the pain of change.
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Holding On For Dear Life

What I learned from my BEloved grandmother, Gigi, about how to 'let go' and live free!
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