BE courageous

Take action in spite of your fears.
BEing courageous means breaking free from your fears. To live free, you must be willing to face challenges, risks, and uncertainty.

My Toughest Moment in Corporate America

The toughest situation I faced as a leader was using all of my power and leverage to help someone get out of bondage.
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Freedom Friday On Location — Palm Beach, Florida

This Freedom Friday I’m on location. A little message on courage while I’m enjoying a LOT of vacation.
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To Achieve Your Goals You Must Win This War

We are all artists. Whether it’s creating a painting or developing a new product or service, we’re all trying to create some sort of masterpiece. But unfortunately, there’s a part within you that doesn’t want you to get started, learn your craft, and stay committed.
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How To Deliver A Presentation With Total Abandon

During a speaking engagement at Razorfish, an audience member asked, “How are you able to let loose and be so free and vulnerable when presenting?” My answer was, my sense of freedom and total abandon comes from the fact that I’m performing for an audience of one. I’m not performing for the crowd. I’m performing for ME.
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Remember This One Word When You’re Feeling Inadequate

I posted a video on Imposter Syndrome and it sparked a meaningful online discussion with a new LinkedIn connection. While I’ve seen a lot of women struggle with feeling like an imposter, my friend Frank said that it was a gender neutral syndrome.
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How Imposter Syndrome Robs You Of Your Freedom

Impostor Syndrome is something I see in a lot of successful women vs. men. Ladies, it’s time to break free from feeling unready and unworthy.
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Why I Sent A Package To CEO Mark Hurd

In 2005, I sent a package to Oracle CEO Mark Hurd when he was the CEO at HP. I decided to BE courageous and let him know about me, and my thoughts and ideas on how to unleash the talent and genius of all employees.
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Facing Your Greatest Fear

If you want to live free, you have to face your greatest fear—DEATH. Death of an unfulfilling job, relationships, bad habits, etc. We love beginnings but we never want to face endings.
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How To Achieve Your Goals When You’re Under Pressure

During your freedom journey, you’re going to face pressure. At times you’ll feel overwhelmed, unprepared, fearful, and stretched beyond what is comfortable for you.
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Surrender: The Starting Point For Finding Freedom

SURRENDERING is essential for finding freedom. Surrendering means there is no Plan B. You're not gonna quit when things get really tough.
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How to BE daring

Prepare For The Dare

A dare is when the Universe taps you on the shoulder and challenges you to take a bold step to achieve the next level of success in your personal or professional life.
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The Journey To Freedom

Freedom is a choice, not a necessity.
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