The 7 BEhaviors is a powerful daily practice that teaches you how to live free — at work and in life. The 7 BEhaviors will help you feel free to be yourself, break free from your problems and fears, and freely pursue your true desires and dreams.

Watch the video below to learn how 7 BEhaviors works.

1. Each morning, choose one of the 7 BEhaviors to focus on all day. Say to yourself, “I am ready to BE free.” Today I choose to BE_________.” Fill in the blank with one of the 7 BEhaviors.

2. Be mindful of BEing this behavior throughout the day – at home, at work, and at play. BE consistent and diligent. To keep yourself focused, write down your daily BEhavior on a sticky note in your office, set a reminder on your cell phone, or wear something that will remind you of who you must BE. Use whatever works for YOU.

3. In the evening, write up to 7 sentences in your journal about your experience – successes and challenges, new insights, and lesson learned. This step is very important. Wisdom helps you attain freedom.

4. You can focus on the same BEhavior the following day or pick a new one – it’s up to you. Trust your spirit when choosing a BEhavior to focus on each day.

5. Commit to this practice for 7 days and you’ll BEgin to feel free.