What NOT to Do When You're Ready for Change

I just started coaching a new client who’s eager to make a career change.  She’s a general litigator and her work at a prestigious law firm just isn’t fulfilling and rewarding.  What frustrates her the most is that she doesn’t feel like she’s growing.  My client is in turmoil and it quickly comes across over the phone in her scattered thoughts and nervous energy.  She wants things to change NOW, but she doesn’t know how.

Because my client is feeling impatient, she’s grasping at straws.  One minute she wants to spend more time at home with her young children.  The next minute she says that she’s interested in switching from litigation to employment law.  The truth is, she doesn’t have a clue about what she really wants to do.  She only knows that she wants a change to ease her pain.  I cautioned her to stop thinking impulsively and take time to figure out what she really wants, professionally AND personally.

“Don’t grasp at anything just to get away from something.”

Sometimes, you can’t get from Point A to Point B immediately.  Slow down.  There’s no reason to be in such a hurry to make a change if you don’t know where you’re going.  No matter how frustrated you feel, don’t proceed until you have complete clarity about your wants and needs.

Get up every morning and carve out 15 minutes to focus on what matters most to YOU. What makes your toes wiggle?  What kind of environment fuels your creativity and imagination?  How do you want to achieve success with fulfillment?  Use sticky notes and capture every idea that comes from deep within.  Post them on a ‘vision wall’ at your home, office, or for some, that’s one in the same.  The following morning review your sticky notes. Keep the ideas that still resonate and discard the ones that don’t.  Repeat this activity every day until you find your TRUTH. Once you create a clear vision, the faster “change” will come to fruition.

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