Why You Must See in Black or White -- Instead of Shades of Grey

I learned about the significance of seeing the world in “black or white” while reading my favorite book, The Alchemist.  The book is a classic about a young shepherd boy named Santiago. He travels from his homeland in Spain in search of his Personal Legend — his mission and calling in life.  On his journey, Santiago meets an old king who gives him two stones — one black, one white.  The king tells him to use them whenever he can’t read the omens — to help him discern truth so that he can achieve his Personal Legend.  The king tells Santiago, “Don’t forget that everything you deal with is only one thing and nothing else.”  Essentially, he was telling Santiago that things are either black or white, truth or untruth.

“We are all in search of TRUTH.”

Like Santiago, we want to know the truth about our calling and what our true purpose is. When you’re seeking and searching, it’s tempting to accept things that are “almost a good fit, nearly right, or somewhat ok.” These kinds of responses aren’t black or white — they are shades of grey.  Either something is true for you or not — anywhere in between is avoiding reality.  If you can’t discern something as either truth or untruth, it’s best to say nothing.

When you look at life through the lens of “black or white”, it forces you to seek greater clarity instead of settling for obscurity.  In the pursuit of purpose, it doesn’t matter if you find truth or untruth.  Either discovery is all right. Why? Because whenever you can see a situation as black or white, it hones your inner sight.  Only those who see clearly can discover who they are truly meant to BE.

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