The Two Benefits of BEing Silent

In today’s fast-paced, always on world, there’s rarely time for silence.  During the workday, you’re bombarded with conference calls and meetings.  When you arrive home, the kids are playing, someone is watching TV, and telemarketers are calling while you’re eating.  All day long you’re surrounded by noise and non-stop activity.  Somehow in your busy life, you’ve got to find time for silence.  Why?  It’s the only space where you can hear deeper guidance.

I know a great deal about silence.  Unless I’m traveling on business or coaching a client over the phone, you’ll likely find me in my home office working alone.  I spend most of my workday in silence—reading, writing, imagining, planning, and executing.  Learning to work comfortably in silence has been one of my keys to success.  When I’m sitting quietly, I get wonderful insights about what to do next.

During a moment of silence in 2006, my intuition told me to reach out to Marshall Goldsmith.  Marshall is one of the world’s top executive coaches.  He has coached hundreds of major CEOs, authored several New York Times bestselling books, and is recognized as one of the most influential leadership thinkers.  I was sitting silently having a cup of tea one morning when I sensed he would be the perfect mentor for me.  I nervously sent him an email requesting a brief phone meeting.  Less than 24 hours later he replied with an enthusiastic “Yes”!  Eight months after our first conversation, Marshall helped me get my first article published in BusinessWeek magazine.  Getting that kind of media exposure helped me secure my first major coaching client.  That was quite a return on investment from being silent.

During another silent moment, the 7 BEhaviors were downloaded into my spirit—like Moses receiving the 10 Commandments.  When I came out of a powerful meditation session, my soul received this simple path to liberation.  The 7 BEhaviors were given to me to share with anyone seeking to live free.  In the silence, I found my purpose and destiny.

Silence is golden.  In the sanctity of silence, your soul finds truth and wisdom.

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