Why Love Trumps Negativity

When you react negatively, your body contracts.  Your mind and emotions are hijacked.  Negativity is a clever trap of your ego to make you feel that you’re under attack.  It confines you to the limiting belief that someone or something is out to get you.  That’s not true.  People and circumstances come into your life just to teach you.  When they trigger negative reactions, it simply means there’s a lesson to be learned.  When you’re unkind, judgmental, and unforgiving, you hinder your ability to discern.

BEing loving at all times frees you from taking things personally.  It opens up your heart to receive the biggest lessons you need to learn to grow and reach your highest potential.  Ultimately, BEing loving keeps you humble and elevates you above your selfish interests.  When you are no longer bound by pride and self-importance, you’ll move through life with more grace and ease.  You’ll feel a greater sense of freedom when you no longer have your ego to appease.

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