Prepare For The Dare

A dare is when the Universe taps you on the shoulder and challenges you to take a bold step to achieve the next level of success in your personal or professional life.  A dare is the way life challenges you to step outside your comfort zone so that you can continue to learn and grow.  You must learn to be daring so that you don’t become overly comfortable and complacent with your life.  This is a skill that is essential in today’s tough business environment.  The ability to be daring can help you leap ahead of your competition, land a new promotion, or successfully launch a new business idea.

But beware—a daring decision can often evoke fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  If I take this dare will it lead to my demise?  A dare is a test of wills between fear and faith.  Have faith in yourself.  No matter how daunting the challenge, stay committed and be confident in your strengths and abilities.

The following tips will prepare you to be more daring inside and outside the workplace:

  1. Assess Your Assets.  It’s much easier to make a daring decision, particularly in corporate environments, when you know what you are worth.  Don’t be shy about telling your manager and other leaders how you’ve delivered value over the years.  A proven track record gives you the right to ask for what you want.
  2. Consult Your Conscience. Remember that a dare is a personal challenge.  Don’t try to gain consensus from friends and family members before taking risks.  You can seek advice and guidance from trusted advisors but, ultimately, you must trust your own gut.
  3. Master Your Mental Game.  Major challenges require mental focus.  Don’t let negative self-talk and worrying stop you from delivering your A-game.  Peak performers don’t spend time rehashing past mistakes or trying to control outcomes.  To perform at your best, keep your mind in the present and stay positive.
  4. Don’t Wait.  Once you’re ready to take action, don’t hesitate.  The longer you wait the more “fear” takes hold — trying to entice you to abandon your dreams and goals.
  5. Learn From Mistakes.  Bold steps can lead to a breakthrough or a “bust.”  If mistakes happen, learn from them and always apply what you learned to future situations.
  6. Take One Dare A Day.  Tackle one small challenge each day to gain experience.  When the big opportunities come you will be ready to respond with greater confidence.

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