Freedom is a core desire of every human being.
The way you behave keeps you enslaved.
Master the 7 BEhaviors and you’ll have all the freedom you crave.
You are free when you’re bound by nothing.

BE truthful

Honor your truth whenever something disturbs you.

BE courageous

Take action in spite of your fears.

BE loving

Be kind, don’t judge, and forgive everyone.

BE detached

Never cling to people, thoughts, or things.

BE faithful

Stay devoted during good and challenging times.

BE still

Take time each day to step away.

BE happy

Always accept each moment as it is.

Meet Stephanie... Your Freedom Coach

BEgin your freedom journey today! Practice the 7 BEhaviors for 7 days and you'll feel more free - personally and professionally. Each day you'll learn about one of the 7 BEhaviors. You'll receive quick practical tips and free email support.

Practice the 7 BEhaviors every day.

“Freedom is never given; it is won.”
A. Philip Randolph

  • Living the 7 BEhaviors has been life changing and transforming, personally and professionally. Practicing BEing faithful has enabled me to navigate discord, stress and crises with great focus and wisdom. I have BEcome a more confident woman as I hone the practice of BEing detached, courageous and truthful. Learning to BE still has helped me to see how certain relationships and activities were negatively impacting my mental clarity. BEing loving and happy is making my life’s journey fearless and fun. Professionally, I’ve seen my effectiveness as a legal and financial advisor expand exponentially.

  • A picture speaks a thousands words, and even those thousands words cannot describe how the 7 BEhaviors have transformed my life. Two and a half years ago I was lost, living day by day feeling drained, unfulfilled, and defeated. I accepted that this was my life and that I would have to get through it…. somehow. The day I chose to BE truthful and acknowledge that I could no longer go on like this was the beginning of my journey. I gained enough courage and freed myself from the negative environment I was immersed in. I am now glowing, making strides in my personal and professional life and most importantly, I am HAPPY and FREE!!!!

  • Four years ago, I wouldn’t consider myself an unhappy person, but one thing is for sure — I wasn’t totally free. As the cares of life continued day to day, I just went with the flow. I was teetering on the edge, wanting to make some changes, but not quite sure of how to do it. I felt stuck. After I started learning more about the 7 BEhaviors and meditating more upon BEing courageous, detached, and truthful (And oh yeah, BEing still), I felt things becoming lighter and I started gaining more clarity. I started to embrace my true self. Now, at 45, I’m on a BEautiful journey and freedom ride, looking forward to each day!

  • I think I’ve been working on BEing courageous all of my life. Stifled by always wanting to please others, wanting to be liked, wanting to keep waters calm, questioning if others would value my gifts…All of that fear kept me from spreading my God-given light. After practicing the 7 Behaviors, especially BEing courageous, I’ve been taking leap after leap and I’m feeling “in the flow” and so fulfilled. As a teacher for at-risk youth, I’m finding that my authenticity and creativity are not just tolerated but received with gratitude, love and positivity. And when you give unconditionally with courage and fierceness, that light only grows.